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When I was on the Road to Independence program attending college, I was living in Tallahassee, Fl attending Tallahassee Community College. And as a foster youth I was eligible to receive the tuition waiver from my agency to pay for my college tuition. But, unfortunately i wasn’t from the Tallahassee area and my agency Heartland for Children was in Polk County. So every semester I would have to call my IL worker and request them to send my waiver, until My JumpVault was created. My issue was now able to be solved by my worker being able to upload my tuition waiver in my personal account and allowing me access to it whenever I needed it. It saved me hours of time now that I didn’t have to make the extra calls to her and then have to wait for her to send it to me on her time. Thank You My JumpVault!


Mike Williams
(Assistant Product Manager)

When my twin brother and I were younger we always took pride in getting everyone's contact card that we encountered. When we were 17 we got separated for 6 months and when my brother returned he left behind a stack of his contact cards we've been saving since we've been in foster care. We compared my contacts to help him retrieve the information from the lost cards; however, he met a whole lot of people that I didn't know. Never once as a kid did we think to remember people's last name, phone numbers, and exact places they worked. As a result, some of those special people that he met along the way who had an impact on his life could possibly be lost forever if he doesn't encounter them again. My JumpVault enables youth to capture and store these types of contacts, which is a great thing.


Thomas Fair
(My JumpVault Design Team member)

When I was 21 I was homeless and off independent living. In order for me to get on Independent living I had to be in school. In order for me to be in school I had to have my identification. It took me over 2 1/2 months to retrieve my identification because the whole time I thought I was born in California and it turned out I was born in Georgia. My JumpVault could've helped me by giving me access to my history and where I was from.



I had 15 placements when I was in foster care. Sometimes when I blew a placement I would come home and my stuff would already be packed for me in a garbage bag and I would be transported to my new placement. There was one time and I'll never forget it, when I got to the new placement and started organizing my stuff I noticed that my pictures of my family were bent up, missing, and ripped. I only had one copy of most of those pictures and will never see them again. My JumpVault lets youth store photos for safekeeping and future use.



I grew up in Miami in foster care and I decided to come to Tallahassee for college. I was all excited right about until I got through with my first semester. I was residing in my college dorm and they ordered us to be out of there for the summer. I didn't have anywhere to go to and didn't have the slightest clue on who to contact for help. I wish that I would've had access then to the resources in My JumpVault.